Tuesday, July 13, 2010

something new is always brewing...

It has been a stretch between posts. I know- so for my sweet grandmothers and my uncle who actually read this blog, I apologize. Life takes hold, projects go on hiatus, and it's all a momma can do to keep the household afloat. Struggles? nah. We muddle through the best we can, learning as we go- and boy have I learned alot! Life throws curveballs and we can still knock it out of the park! Projects get left behind, only to be finished better than ever after a fresh prospective and more knowledge on the subject at hand. THIS is life, and life is good!

Most recently for me, after putting it off for several years, 2 babies and being sick of feeling sick all the time, I went to the doctor and didn't take no for an answer. I knew something was not right, tired, headaches, stomaches- all the time! I knew it was something I was eating, but what? I eat pretty clean, eat all my fruit and veggies, what could it be? I suspected gluten. I was partly correct. It seems my testing has led me to see that I am allergic to soy and eggs. Hello? I eat eggs every day and soy is in, well, it's in everything!! Corn showed up on the testing too, but I am taking baby steps here.

Gluten free is pretty easy for me. The eggs part is pretty difficult, and the thing with food allergies/intolerances is that many symptoms do not show up immediately so it is very difficult to figure out for most people. So I will still use eggs in baking, just not eat egg based dishes for now. I learned that you have to be persistent when it comes to your health ( and that of your family as well ). When Sarah was a baby I knew something was not right and figured out she was allergic to milk ON MY OWN. The doctors were surprised when they finally tested her because her symptoms were not what they considered normal. huh. interesting to me......

Then it happens that I go over my goals for the year to see how I am doing. My goal was to obtain my personal trainer cert. I find my focus for a while has been the nutrition part though. I am struggling with not doing what I set out to do. Time to refocus. I glance around my dining room...tons of cookbooks. I mean tons (if you have been to my house you KNOW what I am talking about!) I cannot seem to leave the supermarket without grabbing a magazine full of recipes. I even recently became a consultant for Tastefully Simple. I have always loved to tweak recipes to make them healthier, a little wheat germ here (although no more for me), a little ground flaxseed there. Just started playing around with coconut oil when I made gluten free pancakes this morning and I must say they were out of this world! Even Hubby would not have noticed the difference!

So today I think I learned that the things that make our life more difficult can actually help us see the place we want to go in the long run. Do I really need to maintain a gluten-free diet? no, I don't. That is if I want to feel sick all the time. Did I enjoy playing around with recipes this morning to make these amazing pancakes? yes, I do. Is is ok to not accomplish a goal you set our to do if you find your passions elsewhere? absolutely!

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